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DLG tree service has been providing tree removal and trimming service to homeowners in the Barrie area for over 30 years  We also serve the surrounding townships including

The city of Barrie is a great city and we are happy to help customers with all types of trees ! No job too small, pruning, trimming and removal we can help. With reasonable prices and an willingness to negotiate with our customers to work within their budget and meet their needs the customer always comes first at dlg. So give us a call for all your tree service needs in the city of Barrie.

         Tree removal around and near homes is our specialty.  Our expert tree climbers can carefully dismantle trees' from the top down, safely lowering limbs to the ground avoiding any damage to your home.

    We our your local arborists. DLG also can prune or trim your trees for various reasons such as limbs to close to the roof, more light, create view etc.

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DLG Tree Service Aerial Truck on Parker Crt. Barrie. Getting ready to trim some Oak trees.

Barrie tree removal & Barrie tree services.

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