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Tree Services Wasaga Beach

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Tree removal Wasaga Beach

DLG Tree Service has been serving homeowners and cottagers in the Wasaga Beach area for over 30 years. We love working at the beach and are happy to provide full tree services to the entire Wasaga Beach area.  Be it trimming tree's around the cottage or removing unwanted trees. No job too small...trimming, pruning hedge trimming and removal we have you covered. We are centrally located to serve the entire Wasaga beach area. This includes Allenwood Beach, Woodland Beach all the way to Balm Beach.

The Wasaga Beach area soil is a huge deposit sand. That is why Wasaga Beach has a distinct type of tree species growing in it's boundries. These trees that are most common in Wasaga Beach are Red Oak and White Pine and of course a mix of other species. However while surveying the area it is easy to see that these two species (Red Oak & White Pine) dominate the Wasaga Beach Landscape. DLG tree service has many years experience dealing with Red Oak and White Pine in the area. That is why you can trust we can get the job done safely.

Another tree species common to Wasaga Beach is the Poplar tree. The Poplar tree is often referred to as a "weed tree" and is a undesirable species. It is very soft and fast growing, prone to limbs breaking off, falling and breaking in high winds and many other problems. Poplar tree's also reproduce fast and can dominate an area quickly. It is recommended that poplar tree be taken down if too close to building and high value areas.

Of course Wasaga Beach has other species of trees such as Birch, Maple, Cherry and Beech just to name a few. However the three dominant species of tree in Wasaga Beach are White Pine, Red Oak and coming in third Poplar. 

Due to it's location directly on the bay, Wasaga Beach is prone to high winds and storms. The high winds and storm that blow in from the bay can cause damage to your trees such as breaking branch's and at the most extreme uprooting trees. DLG tree service can help with any storm damage to your tree's in the Wasaga Beach area, wether it be trimming storm damaged branch's or cleaning up uproted trees.


DLG tree service removing a mature Red Oak on 32nd st. Wasaga Beach. To learn more about tree removal click the link:

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