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Tree Trimming Services

Professional pruning & trimming improves the health & appearance of your trees. Pruning also prolongs the life of the tree by removing unwanted branches that are dead, diseased, infested or weakened. Properly maintained trees add value to your property.

Pruning and Trimming can improve trees in many ways:

  • Removing branches that threaten people or           property

  • Thinning for light and wind.

  • Eliminating weight at end of limbs to prevent         splitting or limb failure

  • Thinning for visibility

  • Shaping of ornamental trees, shrubs and hedges

  • Eliminating dead, diseased and bug infested      branches

DLG tree service has been pruning & trimming tree for home owners & cottagers for over 30 years. We have 2 arborists that have many years experience using the proper techniques and recognizing what work needs to be done and what work does not. ​

There are many other reasons for home owners and cottagers to trim and prune trees:

  • trimming branchs away from powerlines

  • pruning branchs from roofs

  • trimming for satelite dish signals

  • pruning for more light and air circulation

  • removing branchs for better views / vistas

  • taking limbs over chimneys

  • trimming branchs over pool areas

  • Shaping ornamental trees

  • pruning fruit trees

When trees become very large, heavy & tall the risk of branch’s failing at stress point’s increase. If a branch or trunk becomes weak it is usually best to remove it. However in some cases cabling systems can be used that let the tree grow naturally & protect against strong gusts of wind.

DLG tree service has been trimming all types of trees around the Barrie, Wasaga, Springwater, Oro Medonte and Georgian Bay areas for over 30 years. If you need tree trimming we can help!

dlg tree service arborist trimming a tree in wasaga beach

This mature Red Oak tree on Vancouver St. in the city of             east end had branch's rubbing against the home owners roof and needed to be trimmed away. As well as tree trimming we also provide many other tree care services such as hedge, trimming, pruning & fertilization. For more info click below:

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