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grinding a stump on golden meadow dr. city of barrie

Along with tree removal and trimming
DLG Tree Service also provides
stump grinding services.
Do you have an old tree stump you
would like removed, or you are
having a tree taken down and want
the stump removed as well.
Removing a stump is usually done so
the home/cottage owner can cut the
grass easier without having to trim
around the stump.
Stump Grinding is accomplished by a
mechanical wheel with several
“cutter teeth” placed around the
wheel. The wheel is driven by a gas
engine. The wheel sweeps back and
forth grinding away the stump.


How to measure a stump.

Stump grinding services

Grinding a stump in the city of Barrie for a homeowner. This White Pine was removed to allow for more light on Allana Dr. For more info. on tree removal services click below:

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