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Arborist & Tree Care Services

DLG Tree service offers some tree care services to their clients. 

  • Tree Pruning & Shaping: This is done to eliminate dead or diseased branch’s, to shape ornamental tree’s, to let more light penetration through the tree or for a better view. Tree pruning can be very beneficial to some species of trees, such as apple trees. Tree pruning and shaping can generally be done anytime of year.


  • Tree Cabling & Bracing: (this is done  when a tree has a split or weak crotch or vunerable branch to stabilize the tree). Cabling a tree usually involves attaching an aircraft cable to two or more stems of a tree via large lag screws with eyes to keep the tree from pulling itself apart. Bracing is the same general idea but rather using a solid steel rod to secure the tree. This can be done anytime of year. Sometimes it is better to remove the tree, or branch depending on the situation. DLG can access which is appropriate for your tree.


  • Tree Fertilization: (fertilizing the tree’s root zone helps introduce essential growth elements / food that a tree needs). You can fertilize any time during the growing year. We do not reccommend deep root fertilization as the majority of a trees feeding roots are only 6 inchs below the soil thus making deep root fertilization more of a gimmick. Rather we reccomend a shallower fertiliztion using small hole filled with slow release granular fertilizer high in nitrogen.

  • Hedge trimming. Trimming a large hedge can be an daunting task. It takes alot of time and effort to get the job done right. DLG tree service has been trimming hedges for over 30 years, we have the experience and equipment to get that hedge in tip top shape!

tree trimming in barrie and wasaga beach

DLG Tree Service performing some tree care and tree pruning for a home owner on Kozlov St. in the city of  Barrie. Learn more about our tree services in the city of Barrie:         

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