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Georgian Bay Tree Service

DLG has been providing tree services to cottagers and homeowners in the Georgian Bay area for over 30 years. DLG has many years of experience dealing with the challenges the area has to offer. We have tackled the largest White Pine tree's and have successfully taken down hundreds of these large tree's around cottages and boat houses. We know the area and we know the trees! DLG is centrally located to to serve the georgian bay area including: Port Severn, Waubaushene, Six Mile Lake, the Severn River, Honey Harbour and Gloucester pool. This is considered the " Southeastern Georgian Bay" area. 

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Working in cottage country takes a special skill set. We have over 20 years experience and knowledge of the Eastern Georgian Bay area from Waubaushene to Twelve Mile Bay and all points in between. We have worked in every nook and cranny and know the area well. We have also dealt with every tree service and tree removal situation imaginable that the Georgian Bay area has to offer. From working on remote island, trees on cliffs, trees growing through decks, trees over boat houses, trees over docks, trees hanging over the water, trees in inaccessible areas, massive old growth White Pines growing over cottages....we have seen it all....and dealt with it successfully. That is why if you need tree services such as tree removal in the Georgian Bay area you should call us first! Eastern Georgian Bay is a beautiful rugged area that we enjoy working in and we value our loyal customers that have supported us for so many years.

Tree removal & trimming in the Eastern Georgian Bay area.


DLG tree service climber removing a Eastern White Pine on Georgian Bay. March 2015.

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