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Tree Removal Services

Sometimes trees need to be removed. There are many reasons for tree removal:

Tree... is too large for the area

             is declining in health

             species is not suitable for the area

             is hanging over a pool or house

             needs to be removed for construction

             is diseased or infested

             has been struck by lightening

             too close to powerlines

Some warning signs your tree might need removed:

  • Large cracks or splits

  • Top / Crown is dying back

  • Cracks in the earth around roots

  • Mushrooms & fruiting bodies growing from base

  • Tree lean has increased

  • Bark coming off

  • Large holes or hollow areas in tree

  • Woodpeckers have been attacking tree

Whatever the reason DLG Tree Service can help you with your tree removal project.


Tree removal is hazardous due to the nature of the job. Usually trees to be removed are located near homes, power-lines, outbuildings and other obstructions. This is why more often than not trees have to be removed carefully in sections, rigging and lowering pieces to the ground safely. These types of removals require years of experience and know-how.

Tree's in an urban environment often need the skills of an arborist to be safely removed. Our arborist has been trained in the proper techniques and practices to safely remove hazardous trees and trees close to buildings.

Since 1976 DLG tree service has been removing trees in the city of Barrie and surrounding areas including the town of Wasaga beach, the township of Springwater and township of Oro Medonte. We have the experience with taking trees down in an urban setting as well as rural settings. This includes trees leaning over houses, trees in small backyards, trees beside and overhanging pools, trees hanging over garages, powerlines and everything in between. Wether its a small tree in the front yard or large tree in the back yard we can help.


DLG Tree Service has been serving customers with tree removal services in the southeastern Georgian Bay cottage area since 1990. We have dealt with the challenging terrain and conditions removing the most challenging trees in and around cottages throughout the Georgian Bay area. This includes countless large Eastern White Pine that populate the region. We have tackled the largest of White Pines successfully. 

If you think you have an unsafe tree it is better to pro active and have it removed rather than waiting until it is completely dead. Once completely dead a tree becomes more dangerous and expensive to remove.


Our goal is to ensure trees are removed safely and efficiently with no damage to your property.


DLG Tree Service has been safely removing trees around homes and cottages for over 30 years. Our expert tree climbers, arborist and tree fallers can get the job done safely.

Sometimes trees need to be removed due to storm damage. Uprooted, split, broken and more. Whatever the case sometimes it can be an emergency. To Learn more click here:

dlg tree service removing a large pin tree in wasaga beach
dlg tree expert taking down a eastern white pine tree on six mile lake georgian bay

This tree was removed to create a better view of the Lake. Location: Trillium Lane, Six Mile Lake,                           Township.  We also offer other services like stump grinding.

Click below for more info:

Mature Eastern White Pine removed to make way for a parking area,                            , Shoreline Rd. DLG Tree Service also offers tree care services:

Stump Grinding
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