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Ash trees slowly disappearing from the city of Barrie and surrounding area.

Emerald ash borer disease has been in simcoe county for a number of years and has destroyed the native ash tree population in the county including: Oro Medonte, Springwater and the city of Barrie.

The city of barrie has removed most ash trees in city parks and along city streets. Home owners have removed many but many still remain and many / most should be taken down. Other towns and cities in the area have also removed many of their ash trees such as the town of wasaga beach. The town of wasaga beach has removed most of its ash trees along city streets and in town parks. Also many provincial parks in the area have removed most of their ash trees. For instance wasaga beach provincial park has removed the majority of their ash trees. The disease has also moved north into the georgian bay area. Home and cottage owners should remove ash trees as they become quite brittle ad dangerous. If it is any sign that you should be removing your ash trees look at what the surrounding towns and cities have done like barrie and wasaga removing almost all their ash trees. You can give dlg tree service a call and get your ash trees removed.

Dead ash trees being removed by dlg tree service in wasaga beach.

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